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Fabric Foil Glue│for Hot Stamping Machine

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【LUMOS】Fabric Foil Glue │for Hot Stamping Machine

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Stamping glue is applied to fabric via screen printing. After the glue is dry, put ideal hot stamping foil ob fabric, and then heat and press via hot stamping machine.
The foil will finally stick to the printed fabric.

Put fabric on plain pad like flat ironing board before gluing. Don't wrinkle the fabric.

step. 1.Screening mesh 50-80T, 3 brushes downward, 2 brushes upward
step. 2.Repeat step 1 for 3 times, and make it rest for 6 hours to dry in "low" temperature before stamping.
step. 3.Stamp foils on 140-160℃ temperature for 15-second by hot stamping machine downward press.
step. 4. Stamp the front and then the rear under the same condition. Peel foil after cooling down.
step. 5. After complete cooling down, repeat step 2 & 3 again to firm the foil adhesion.

【Videos for reference】

※The wash resistance for holographic or rainbow foil is not good as other foil. Recommended to use general color when stamping larger pattern.
※ Washing precautions: Please turn the hot stamping layer to the inside, put clothe in a laundry bag while washing.

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