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Glitter Powder │ For Nail Art and Crafts

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 Glitter Powder │ For Nail Art and Crafts【LUMOS】

◆Feature:Shimmering crystal effect, delicate texture, and resistant to damage.

◆Size 2.5mm/piece, about 3g/vial
◆Material: PVC
☆Crystal Diamond Series- Champagne Gold / Caramel Gold / Mocha / Coral / Maple Red/ Coco / SkyBlue / Wine Red / Glitter gold/Ocean Blue
☆Sugar Series- Aurora /Rose Red /Peach Pink /Fluorescent Yellow /Glitter White

◆Application: Floating ink pad, glue pen, Nail art, adhesive drops, AB glue, UV glue, epoxy resin inclusions; general resin adhesive.

[ Instructions ]
☆Adhesive Drops: Pick up the and paste sequins to where you want to place with a small wooden stick or tweezers. Or add sequins to crystal powder and glue to make special jelly nails.

☆Nail Art: Apply the first layer of any base color and cure under UV light. Then apply the second layer of colored gel without curing. Sprinkle the diamond powder evenly and gently press it. Cure under UV light. Finally, remove the excess powder with a brush to complete the look. No need to apply a topcoat.

[ Crystal Diamond Glitter powder 10-colors ]

[ Sugar Glitter powder 10-colors ]

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