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【LUMOS】Transparent Hot Protective Film

Transparent Hot Protective Film
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Transparent Hot Protective Film│for Laminator 【LUMOS】

◆Feature: Waterproof, anti-dirt, high protection.Easy for DIY, just need a household laminator.
◆Options: Gloss/ Matte/ Matte Glitter/ Holographic Kaleidoscope / Holographic Beamlight / Holographic Galaxy
◆Substrates: Paper
◆Equipment: Laminator

step.1 Cut a hot protective film of appropriate size for the area to be heat-pressed. Place a thin paper underneath and use "paper tape" to attach the protective film to the card, aligning it with the direction of insertion into the laminator.
*Remarks: When securing the protective film with paper tape, only tape on one side that will go into the laminator. The protective paper should not be too thick, otherwise it will cause insufficient temperature.

step.2 Place a thin paper on top of the card (the card and protective film will be "sandwiched" between the two sheets of paper) for protection, and then pass it through the laminator.
step.3 Trim along the edges of the card, and it's done.

⚠️Customized roll widths are available. Please contact us for MOQ.
⚠️Wrinkles on the films are normal due to static electricity, which will not affect the lamination perforrmance.


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