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Valentine's Set│for Stamping Pen/ Glue Pen

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Valentine's Set│for Stamping Pen/ Glue Pen 【LUMOS】

◆Feature: 🌹Valentine's Day Set 🌹Clear glossy neon metallic colors, matte sunset orange whth other colors.
Making your Let your Valentine's Day card come into focus ❤ ❤

◆Specification: 6cm x 500 cm/roll *3 rolls
1.🌹Valentine's Day Set-A
Holographic Charmander Red / Matte Sunset orange/ Gloss Glacier blue

2.🌹Valentine's Day Set-B
Paisley/ Gloss Cameo Pink/ Gloss Mint green

◆Equipment: Stamping pen/Stamping machine
Foil is transferred to substrates by heat and pressure with ideal temp. 110-160°C.

◆Hot Stamping Pen:Place foil evenly onto the stamping area of paper
⇒Fix corners of foils with paper tape
⇒Heat up hot stamping pen ⇒Place soft pad underneath paper
⇒Make pen nib stick to foil and write at formal speed
⇒Peel foil off after cooling down.
*Kaleidoscope Series is more difficult to use Goethe-style flat nibs, suggest to use round nibs.

◆Glue Pen:Write on paper with glue pen
⇒Wait 10-15 min for glue dry and then stick foil on the top
⇒Press gently on foil with cotton swab
⇒Peel foil off gently.

⚠️Color difference may happen due to the screen photos. Please contact us to check colors.
⚠️Customized roll widths are available. Please contact us for MOQ.


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