🔻Hot Stamping Pen / Hot Stamping Machine Sets & Dedicated Foils Area

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🔻Glue Pen Section

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🔻Toner Stamping Foil

Hot stamping foil for lacer toner printing machine throuth laminator.
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🔻Transparent Protective Film

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Aqualux Hybird Chemistry Industry Ltd. 

Aqualux Hybird Chemistry Industry Ltd. sells foil stamping films of world renowned brands.
The business includes hot stamping film materials, hot stamping machinery, UV glue, UV varnish, silicone rubber wheels, TTR carbon belts, sealing aluminum and other products. The application industry expands to hot foil stamping, heat transfer printing, offset printing, letterpress printing, flexographic printing and screen printing, and further assists in the development of film interior decoration technology and cold foil technology.