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【Kuretake】ZIG Glue Pen│for Foil Stamping

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【Kuretake】ZIG Glue Pen│for Foil Stamping 【Lumos】

◎ It's super sticky and only takes 10-15 minutes while foil stamping.
◎ The 1mm steel ballpoint writes really smoothly, suitable for large areas or three-dimensional patterns.

Size: 1.0 mm tip
Composition: Water and Resin

◆ How to Use a Glue Pen:
Write on paper with glue pen ⇒
Wait 10-15 min for glue dry and then stick foil on the top⇒
Press gently on foil with cotton swab ⇒
Peel foil off gently.

⚠️ Be sure to close the bottle cap tightly after use, and do not place it where children can easily take it.



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